Is online counseling for you?  Do you need therapy? What is your anxiety level?

Answers & more information on the above questions can be found here.


What is Help Horizons?

Help Horizons is a secure, encrypted, on-line professional counseling facility.  I have chosen to work with them to ensure the complete confidentiality of my clients.  Your privacy is of my utmost concern.

Center for Transformative Counseling Cyberoffice

Welcome to my virtual office!  Have a seat and relax for a few minutes. Would you like some tea or water? We have some paperwork for you to fill out, and then we’ll show you how to schedule an appointment, get to the chatroom, and send me a secure email message. It’s really simple, and, if you haven’t visited a chatroom before, you might be amazed at how much it feels like a “real” physical space.

If you have not been in counseling before, you’re probably a little nervous. Even after all the years I have been practicing, I sometimes get nervous before my first session with a new client! The therapeutic relationship is a special one–probably the most intimate relationship you’ll ever have. But remember, it’s all about you!

My job is to get to know you well and to support you as you move toward healing, to help you make choices that will be productive and rewarding, and to give you the tools you need along the way.

Your job is to tell me about yourself, your history, and your experiences, to try the tools and suggestions I give you, and to tell me whether those tools and suggestions work for you.

Together we will take the small steps that, one by one, will lead us toward your recovery from grief and the discovery of the new world you are now living in but cannot yet see clearly.

If you still have a general question about me, counseling, or the grief process, feel free to email me before going on to the steps below.

Once you have decided that online counseling is for you, the next step is to proceed with the necessary forms and registration required to get set up in my cyberoffice at Help Horizons.

So, let’s get started!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!

1. Fill out the Intake Form (pdf), sign it, and mail the original to me.

2. Read the Informed Consent statement (pdf), sign it, and mail the original to me.

3. Create an account at

4. Once you have created your account above, there are 2 ways to send me a counseling email or schedule an appointment: One is through logging in to your account and both options are available to choose from (user name to put in is Elissa), and the other is to go directly to my profile and use the links there for either option.


My cyberoffice fees, charged through Help Horizons, are:

  1. $ 42.50  30 Minute Online Counseling Chat

  2. $ 85.00  60 Minute Online Counseling Chat

  3. $ 25.00  Therapeutic Email Exchange

  4. $150.00 Therapeutic Email Exchange Package (includes 8 exchanges)

Fees for telephone counseling are:

  1. $ 42.50  30 Minute Telephone Session

  2. $ 85.00  60 Minute Telephone Session

Fees for in-office (face to face) counseling are:

      $ 85.00 60 Minute Session

I also work on a sliding scale, according to your income, when necessary.