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Surviving Death:  Dealing with Grief | SDD0200 | Online

Everyone wants to be able to survive--and even thrive--after the death of loved one.  In this course, you will

  • learn how to do that in 4 stages made up of 21 steps that build on each other, and move you forward to recovery;
  • learn that nothing is lost, just changed, and that meaning can be found on the other side of any experience;
  • learn how to resolve the anger and guilt that can keep you stuck;
  • learn a new way to think about the grief process, and any tools and techniques to help you deal with it; and, also
  • learn how to help your family members, friends, clients, or patients who are grieving. 

Discover a new way to deal with any loss, and discover yourself in the process.

Online Course  | 10/1/2009 - 12/10/2009 | CRN 11062 | $150


To register: http://www.fkcc.edu/future-students/how-to-register.da